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“Complete assimilation is possible only with the sacrifice of Indian Cultures via Darwinist capitalism”
-Mario Vargas, 1990, Christian Right wing Presidential candidate and novelist in Peru.

“Indians are colonial creation. They are only Indian because pre capitalist exploitation  denied them the boons of European culture. The very survival of Indians is proof of  their defeat. The heroic task of socialism or communism is ‘de- indigenization’.”
-Martinez Pelaez, Leftist Guatemalan Historian, on Indians-1992.

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of slavery? Forbid it almighty God! I know not what course others may take.
But as for me- give me liberty (SWARAJ) or give me death”.
-Patrick Henry-1775-Fire brand Patriot urging his fellow Virginians to fight against East India Company’s British oppression in the today United States of America.

At the dawn of the new millennium India stands, dazed and indecisive, at the cross-roads. As perhaps the only secular nation with a population of one billion, with thousands of political, spiritual and religious leaders of various denominations, with a vast talent of creative intelligentsia, this is a pitiable and tragic situation indeed. Each path out of these cross-roads would apparently take us to destruction, completely erasing India's classical thinking, philosophy, arts, moral ethics, and its contributions to the world since the remote past, and perhaps even its people. Depressing though this may sound, it looks certain that the stark possibility of the sovereign Republic of India meeting a sad end: fragmented into renegade states- based on extreme westernization, blind religious and fanatic belief, engaged in an internecine warfare leading to colossal loss of life and wastage of resources..  

Such overall leadership vacuum, intellectual tepidity, spiritual bankruptcy started interestingly since the beginning of the independence-a mere 50 years ago. There are three distinct trends we can see directly resulting from the above situation in the present and future aiding to the destruction of India-cradle of human civilization and culture. English speaking People in India (the above mentioned current leaders, trend setters and their followers who are the relic of East India Company’s British Rule and Slavery and who form less than 4% of the Indian population) within and out side India (of whom we the hosts of this site also belong) in many instances are aiding and/or becoming instrumental in this current round of destruction of their own motherland. The distinct trends that we see are as follows. First delirious arrogance of cultural pride and false sense of invincibility. Many who claim nationalists, cultural propagandists and old guard fall in to this category. The second trend is unashamed, treasonous self negating India bashing, hate and propagation of hate about everything of being India or Indian. Third groups of scattered Indians who want to understand the reasons for the above two drastic extreme positions and work to save, salvage of anything valuable in 'Indianness'.  

“The Indian Republic, its citizens and leaders (political, social, religious, spiritual) are confused between unfamiliarity and improbability. Unfamiliarity is a condition of ignorance and resulting prejudice of opinion resulting from censorship (withholding information or technology) can be over come with the generation of information flow. Improbability is a condition of lack of pragmatic thinking stemming from the abject poverty in creative expectations stemming from the lack of structured analysis (starting with a premise, first statement and full reasoning).  With out the either we are leaning towards most familiar course-banal explanations and incompatible analysis-leading every body towards destructive annihilation as a country, nation and civilization”. 

As members belonging to the third trend we the hosts of POI wish to attempt to provide information via structured analysis to search truth only truth but whole truth. We do need all help needed in our search-moral, spiritual, and monetary. Even if one who visits the site due to many reasons other than objectivity cannot help an honest comment, sincere appreciation of efforts goes a long way.   

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious than to be able to decide”



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